Soy Message Women's Candles

All Soy Scented candles are made from soybeans in America.  Soy oil is a vegetable oil from the oil of soybeans.  Soy candles burns 25% to 50% longer than Paraffin wax. Soy scented candles throw off a stronger and longer fragrance aroma. Soy candles can be used as a message oil and as a moisturizer for your skin.  

                   Soy Oil          

  1. Vegetable oil                            
  2. Non-toxic toxic                         
  3. Biodegradable                         
  4. Cleaner burn                           
  5. More expensive                      

              Paraffin Wax

  1. Petroleum Wax (Crude oil)
  2. Toxic
  3. Hard to clean up
  4. Can be sooty when burnt
  5. Produce Carcinogens
  6. Hazard to your health